An aggregate of ALL reviews for Pixel Blocked!

Pixel Blocked! v1.2 Reviews:

(PC) “I will say this; at just $5 (£3.18), this game is so worth your money it hurts. Even if you’re not a fan of puzzle games, the fantastic graphics, soundtrack and just general love and attention that has gone into this game is an experience worth more than five bucks.” – Omar Khan, BuyRentAvoid-It

(PC) “It looks like Tetris and Galaga combined, and it plays like a shooter. Yeah I’m going to just let that sink in for a bit. Good? Okay because Pixel Blocked! is probably one of the more interesting puzzle games I’ve played recently both in its simplicity of form and difficulty in its challenge.” – Mathew Kim, Twinfinite

(PC) “Pixel Blocked is an elegant mixture of simple gameplay and challenging puzzles, all wrapped inside an easy interface. It's casual to the core, and packs almost 200 levels to play across three difficulty settings, which is plenty to keep you occupied for days.” – John Bardinelli, Jay is

(Xbox 360) “If you like puzzle games, nostalgia, or painstakingly difficult yet addictive games, you’ve found your next gem. Anyone with the slightest interest should definitely pick it up because it’s easy enough for anyone and everyone to play.” – Anthony Ortale, Examiner

(Xbox 360) “The developer has lovingly pruned the feature set like a gardener who’s not afraid to both plant new crops and to weed out existing plants that no longer meet the garden’s needs. All in all, a great game that’s well worth adding to any puzzle game fan’s collection.” – Writings of Mass Deductions

(Xbox 360) “Pixel Blocked earns an enthusiastic recommendation. Not only does it get my recommendation, it also earns the first ever ‘Give Your Friends a Dollar So They Can Buy It Too’ award.” – Donald Conrad, Did Not Finish

(Xbox 360) “So as you can see, every major complaint about Pixel Blocked has been fixed. The result is a game that has completely shed its indie feel. Pixel Blocked plays like a polished title by a major studio.” – Kairi Vice, Indie Gamer Chick

(Xbox 360) “If you haven’t yet played the game, you’re now getting the most ideal version, but for Pixel Blocked! veterans (for me it’s purely in title, not skill) it could be the excuse you need to boot the game up again.” – Tim Hurley, Gear Fish

(Xbox 360) “A definite recommend as the score beating aspect alone adds incredible value to the $1 price tag, but ultimately something that is best enjoyed alone.” – Mariko, Gamerwife

(Windows Phone) “It’s clear to me that whoever designed the puzzles has done an exceptionally good job.” - Ewan Spence, All About Windows Phone

Pixel Blocked! v1.0 Reviews:

(Xbox 360) ”Dare I say it, it’s one of the best new puzzle engines to come around in a decade.” - Kairi Vice, Indie Gamer Chick

(Xbox 360) ”The game requires the kind of spatial logic that is both brain bending and satisfying.” – Max Abrams, Kotaku

(Xbox 360) ”A perfect blend of Picross and Tetris, Pixel Blocked! is a fresh and fun puzzler you’ll probably want to press charges against for slaughtering your spare time with its addictive charms” - Ben Taylor, Yet Another Review Site

‎(Xbox 360) ”The pixilated retro graphics are easy on the eyes, and the addicting puzzle formula can lull you into a zen-like trance, making it a great way to flex your brain without taxing your already short New Year’s Day patience.” - Scott Nichols, Official Xbox Magazine Online

(Xbox 360) ”Pixel-Blocked is a quality title and puzzle fans should have no reservations of picking this title up considering the low price point it’s available at. 180+ puzzles, a fun and bouncy soundtrack, and the retro-ific style make Pixel-Blocked a worthy purchase.” – Bryan Tremblay, Gamergeddon

(Xbox 360) ”Ultimately, Pixel Blocked! is a must have for any gamer who likes puzzle games, if it was touched up a little bit and given a lovely, expensive budget it would be easy to consider it the Chime for Xbox Live.” – Ian Brown, VGamingNews gives it an 8/10

(Xbox 360) ”It’s a clever and amusing little game overall and managed to provide a well paced challenge. With over 180 levels for a mere 80 Microsoft Points ($1), Pixel Blocked! is also a great value.” – Zach Martin, Piki Geek

(Xbox 360) ”You’re guaranteed to lose track of time once you get started. Easily one of the best puzzlers I’ve played. Easily worth more than its asking price of a dollar.” – Tim Hurley, Gear Fish

(Xbox 360) ”Nintendo-esque puzzler that has you firing blocks at other blocks to complete a box. And if that sentence doesn’t win you over, nothing will! Trust us, this is great.” – Michael J Fax, DIY

Not-so positive reviews for Pixel Blocked! v1.0:

“Unfortunately, without any challenge there’s just nothing there to keep your interest to the end unless a chilled, relaxing, unchallenging time is what you’re after – and there’s not really anything wrong with that.” – Matt, Achievement Locked

Pixel Blocked! may not look like an entertaining game at first glance, but don’t let your false impression misguide you. For just 80 MS points ($1), you too can learn not to judge a “pixel” by its cover.” – Uma Smith, RotoRob Gaming