The Player

Mr Pibuzzle

Players control Mr. Pibuzzle as he tries put all the pixel images back together. Move him left and right and shoot out Standard Blocks to fill in all the empty pixels. Don’t forget his ability to rotate puzzles as well, so plan each move carefully and execute swiftly.

Foundation Blocks

Perma Block

Perma Block – It’s the most basic type of foundation block.

 Magnetic Block

Magnetic Block – It will attract any block passing along its left or right side to stick to the Magnetic Block.

Crumble Block

Crumble Block – Upon collision from a Standard Block, the Crumble Block will disintegrate, leaving an empty space where it used to be.

Placement Blocks

Standard Block

Standard Block – The main type of block that Mr. Pibuzzle uses to put the pixel images back together.

Error Block

Error Block – A standard block that has been placed incorrectly. It has no place being on the pixel image so it will self destruct after a second!