Excel export to pdf vba

Excel export to pdf vba
I have an Excel doc with 10 sheets. The first of the 10 sheets is a contents page with hyperlinks to the other 9 sheets. I need to turn this Excel doc into a PDF file and keep the hyperlinks intact. We are using XP, Excel 2003 and Acrobat 9.0. I tried to use the code from this post:
Excel vba print chart to pdf. Excel vba print chart to pdf Excel vba print chart to pdf DOWNLOAD! DIRECT DOWNLOAD! excel vba export chart to pdf I have several chart sheets in my excel file each of.The following code will export the active sheet in PDF format. The Save As dialog box. excel vba export chart to jpg I want to save or Publish an Excel 20102013 chart to a PDF file. excel vba
I am trying to save and export a current sheet in Excel as a PDF using vba. The code is working, however the PDF that is being published is the entire sheet (which includes a couple hundred blank rows and columns past where I have text.
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3/08/2011 · Re: VBA Loop to print to PDF In 2007 and 2010, exporting to PDF files (incl. filename and location) are built-in. Do you have the possibility to use these versions?

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